Sprinkle in some floral fever

As the heat intensifies, the ladies strip down to prettier undies and tidy little floral dresses. This season, Casa del Shai introduces a variety of blooms into your knickers drawer with french toile. The Soleil Lingerie set is a hark back into our frolicks as teenagers, carefree and fun. Sheer ruffle accents skim the outlines of this set with miniature ribbons to match. Comes with bra, matching panties, garters and stockings. Available in Fennel, Bloodorange, Lila and Antique colors. Spray some perfume and youre ready to romp.

Gorgeous men are not left out with the new Alain Swim Trunks. A toast to the new softer masculine trends, this swimsuit is a tempting invitation to embrace hot summer nights in tight lycra. Comes in 2 eye-catching varieties of plaid and floral, this will surely hug your derriere this summer.

Now available at the Casa del Shai.